Os materiais dos eventos anteriores estao disponiveis no GitHub / The materials from past editions are all available on GitHub

Os videos dos eventos anteriores estao disponiveis no YouTube / The videos from past editions are all available on YouTube

Palestras H2HC 15th Edition - 2018

All the Tiny Features
Natalie Silvanovich
Attacking VMware NSX
Luft & Harrie
DSL: Dismantling Secret Layers
Brian Butterly
Evoting from Argentina to the World
Ivan A. Barrera Oro
Exploring the Safari: JustInTime Exploitation
Jasiel Spelman
Finding 0days in embedded systems with code coverage guided fuzzing
Anh Quynh & Lau
GCC is the new pincc: Compiler plugins and what they can do for code security
Marion Marschalek
Getting Malicious in 2018: A Deep Dive into 2018s Most Impactful Malware in the Android Ecosystem
Stone & McRoberts
H2HC University: Abusando da Virtualizacao
Gabriel Negreira Barbosa
H2HC University: A little bit about Code and Command Injection flaws in Web Applications Frameworks and Libraries with bonus: 0day RCE
Joao Matos
H2HC University: Constraint solvers for Reverse Engineering
Edgar Barbosa
H2HC University: Cracking the Craptcha
Gustavo Scotti
H2HC University: Cyber Mercenaries: When States Exploit the Hacker Community
Michelle Ribeiro
H2HC University: Fault Injection Attacks com Enfase em Ultrassom
Julio Della Flora
H2HC University: Hacking the Brazilian Voting System
Paulo Matias
H2HC University: Internet of Sh!t: Hacking de Dispositivos Embarcados
Maycon Vitali
H2HC University: SegDSP (Segmentation Digital Signal Processor)
Lucas Teske
H2HC University: SPLITTER: An Approach to Difficult Correlation, Traffic Analysis and Statistical Attacks Inside TOR Network
Rener Silva aka Gr1nch
H2HC University: The (not so profitable) path towards automated heap exploitation
Thais Moreira Hamasaki
Hacking the international RFQ Process #killthebuzzwords
Dino Covotsos
Is visualization still necessary?
Jayson E. Street
Linux Kernel Rootkits
Matveychikov & f0rb1dd3n
Mobile Medical Records and Storage
Nina Alli
SMAPwn: a faster way for detecting double fetch vulnerabilities in Windows kernel
Artem Shishkin
Sonic attacks to spinning hard drives
Alfredo Ortega

Palestras H2HC 14th Edition - 2017

50 shades of Visual Studio
Marion Marschalek
Attacking Cellular Networks
Butterly & Schmidt
Betraying the BIOS
Alex Matrosov
Bioinformatics in SP
Nina Ali
Content Security Policy
Sergey Shekyan
H2HC University: Cripto HW com FPGA
Luckas Farias
H2HC University: Data Mining Using Tracing and Profiling Tools
Francisco Junior
H2HC University: Firmware is the new Black
Rodrigo Branco
H2HC University: H2HC Badge
Chris & Daniel
H2HC University: Hacking Ultrasond Machines
Victor Pasknel
H2HC University: IA para Web Attacks
Glaudson Ocampos
H2HC University: Introducao a Virtualizacao
Gabriel Barbosa
H2HC University: Keynote
Nelson Brito
H2HC University: Leave Crypto Alone
Diego Aranha
H2HC University: Overview of Deserialization Vulns in the Java VM
Joao Figueiredo
H2HC University: ParasiteOS
Gustavo Scotti
H2HC University: PenTest Evolution and Tricks
Ygor Parreira
H2HC University: SMT Solvers
Thais Hamasaki
Hacking Smart Home Devices
Fernando Gont
Mike Ossmann
Shay Gueron
Medical Records Black Market
Matias Katz
Pentesting DevOps Environments
Matthias Luft
Matt Suiche
Software Attacks on Different System Firmware
Oleksandr Bazhaniuk
Ermolov & Zakirov

Palestras H2HC 13th Edition - 2016

Breaking the bank
Thiago Valverde
Dumbster Driving
Butterly & Schmidt
H2HC University: Android Resiliency Defense Strategy
Felipe Boeira
H2HC University: Few Tricks Used by Malware
Alexandre Borges
H2HC University: Internet s Fallen Heroes
Anchises Moraes
H2HC University: Phishing
Rafael Silva
H2HC University: Protecting Linux from Ring3 Rootkits
Fernando Merces
Introduction to the Witchcraft Compiler Collection
Jonathan Brossard
Keynote Part II Working PoC
Shay Gueron2
Keynote Part I
Shay Gueron
Lost your secure HDD PIN
Lenoir & Rigo
Risk based design for automotive networks
Evenchik & Zanero
Rogue Behavior Detection
Marion Marschalek
Satellite Communications Reverse Engineering
Lucas Teske
The intersection between virtualization and security
Gabriel Barbosa
UEFI Firmware Rootkits
Matrosov & Rodionov
Voting Among Sharks
Guasch & Choliz

Palestras H2HC 12th Edition - 2015

Como derrotar algoritmos criptograficos
Diego Aranha
Content Security Policy
Sergey Shekyan
Dark Way Into the Windows Kernel
Nikita Tarakanov
Investigation of Malware Incidents
Yurii Khvyl
Ilfak Guilfanov
Lame Hardware & Physical Access
Schmidt & Butterly
PaX Team
Security Appliances Security
Vladimir Wolstencroft
Simulating Cyber Operations
Bryan Fite
Super Pretty OSINT Tool
Matias Katz

Palestras H2HC 11th Edition - 2014

Defeant Android Kernel Exploitation
Breno Silva
Fillory of PHY
Goodspeed & Bratus
Firmware Reversing with Radare
Anton Kochkov
For want of a nail
Sergey Bratus
H2HC University: 2.4GHz Jammer
Noilson Caio
H2HC University: Arquitetura de Computadores para Pesquisadores de Seguranca
Ygor Parreira
H2HC University: Computer Architecture
Rodrigo Branco
H2HC University: Graylog
Ricardo Katz
H2HC University: Kernel that I saw
Andre Detsch
H2HC University: Keynote
Julio Neves
H2HC University: Multiprocessamento
Piter Punk
H2HC University: OpenDJ
Claudio Borges
H2HC University: Optimizacao
Lindolfo Rodrigues
H2HC University: Pentest
Balestra & Espinhara
H2HC University: Router Backdoors
Ewerson crash
H2HC University: Shodan e Jornalismo
Paulo Brito
H2HC University: Toolchain
Tulio Magno
Headless Browser
Sergey Shekyan
Alex Matrosov
Fernando Gont
Daniel J. Berstein
Butterly & Schmidt
Optional ROMs
Shikhin Seti
X11 Backdoor
Matias Katz

Palestras H2HC 10th Edition - 2013

Android Game of Obfuscation
Jurriaan Bremer
Automated Exploitation Grand Challenge
Julien Vanegue
Automative Hacking
Chris Valasek & Charlie Miller
Keynote 1
Keynote 2
Charlie Miller
Otavio Cunha
Lula Project
Fernando Merces
Memory Anti-Forensics in a nutshell
Pivoting in Amazon Clouds
Andres Riancho
Sandboxing is the shit
Jonathan Brossard
SCADA Hacking
Jan Seidl
Scanning in Low Earth Orbit
Travis Goodspeed
Tracking and Characterizing Botnets
Stefano Zanero
Using Online Activity as Digital DNA
Espinhara & Albuquerque
Wannabe Badge
Mike Ossmann

Palestras H2HC 9th Edition - 2012

A crazy mix: Hackers Profiling Project
Raoul Chiesa
Automated and Scalable Behavior-Based Malware Analysis
Stefano Zanero
Beyound Main()
Sergey Bratus
BlueVoxing: Attacking Audio One Time Passwords at 1100Hz
Graeme Neilson
Code Emulation and Translation
Edgar Barbosa
Defending Critical Infrastructure or Beating the Kobayashi Maru
Edmond Rogers
Desenvolvimento de Malware para Linux
Tiago Natel de Moura
Hacking the market: FIX Protocol
Anderson dos Santos Silva
Information Wars: Maintaining Your Tactical Advantage
Alex Kirk
(In)Segurancas em Solucoes de Pagamento Movel
Thiago Musa
Journey to the Clouds: Maturity, Agility, Risk & Trust
Bryan Fite
Marc Van Hauser
PaX the untold story
PaX Team
Predicting Human Behavior at the Telco Scale
Carlos Sarraute
Recent Advances in IPV6 Attack and Defense Techniques
Fernando Gont
SS7 Security
Philippe Langlois
The case for Grsecurity
Brad Spengler
Windows Kernel Pool Exploiting
Tarjei Mandt
Windows Malware Reverse Engineering
Pedro Drimel
Zeus Banking Trojan
Leo Fernandes

Palestras H2HC 8th Edition - 2011

Analyzing the attack surface of kernel registry filters
Matthieu Suiche
Anatomy of a Remote Kernel Exploit
Dan Rosenberg
Caixa de Pandora. Ate onde pode chegar o descuido com o descarte de informaes?
Thiago Bordini
CDCiber, Renasic e a importancia da defesa cibernetica brasileira
Antonio Monclaro
Control Flow Analysis
Edgar Barbosa
Heads of the Hydra: Malware for Network Devices
Fabio Assolini
How to take over the TOR network operationally
Eric Filiol
"I Know Kung-Fu!": Analyzing Mobile Malware
Alex Kirk
Inception: The extended edition
Nelson Brito
Layers of misunderstanding, or how digital radio is not what you think
Travis Goodspeed
Modern Heap Exploitation using the Low Fragmentation Heap
Chris Valasek
Privacy Hacker Officer: The new model of handling sensitive data
Jose Milagre
Results of a Security Assessment of the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
Fernando Gont
Some Research Directions in Automated Pentesting
Carlos Sarraute
Squeezing the Web: Combining Drops of Information to Own Any Brazilian
Cesar Cerrudo
The Science of Insecurity
Len Sassaman & Sergey Bratus
(Un)protecting USB storage media
Fernando Merces
Welcome To Rootkit Country
Graeme Neilson
Windows Kernel Pool Exploitation
Tarjei Mandt

Palestras H2HC 7th Edition - 2010

Aindar quer tc?
Jordan Bonagura
Blue Screen of Death is Dead
Matthieu Suiche
Detecting Obfuscated Malicious JavaScript with Snort and Razorback
Alex Kirk
Finding bugs and publishing advisories – the Core Security way
Carlos Sarraute
Generic exploitation of invalid memory writes
Jonathan Brossard
Hacking the Fast Lane: security issues in 802.11p, DSRC and WAVE
Bruno Oliveira & Rob Havelt
HTML5 Seguro ou Inseguro?
Wagner Elias
Keynote: Strategies for Envolving Threats
Andrew Chusman
Malicious Cryptography Techniques for Unreversable (malicious or not) binaries
Eric Filiol
Realidade das BotNets Atuais
Ranieri Romera
Sandboxes Uncovered: Desmistificando sistemas de análise de malware
Dario Filho
The EDB Project
Fernando Mercês
Urgente: Hackers causaram a erupção do vulcão Eyjafjallajokull
Anchises de Paula

Palestras H2HC 6th Edition - 2009

A arte da defesa
Antonio Milagre
Abusing bitmask
Nicolas Waisman
Anti Anti Forense: Correlacao
Tony Rodrigues
Breaking the perimeter through human stupidity
Bruno Oliveira
Bruteforcing HD Encryption Systems
Jonathan Brossard
Ciber Terrorismo, Hacktivismo religioso
Paulo Roizman
Kernel Do Windows: Historia, Evolucao e Debug
Weber Ress
Life Cycle of a Snort Rule: From Vulnerability to Coverage
Alex Kirk
Netifera platform demo
Juliano Rizzo
Panel: Cyberware
Playing Web Fuzzer
Wagner Elias
Privacidade na era da internet
Anderson Ramos
Probabilistic Attack Planning in Network + WebApps Scenarios
Carlos Sarraute
Ring 0x64
Gustavo Scotti
Sniffing Remote Networks
Joaquim Espinhara
Taint Analysis
Edgar Barbosa
The departed: exploit next generation. The philosophy.
Nelson Brito
The Departed: Exploit Next Generation, The Philosophy
Nelson Brito
The Reverse Engineering Intermediate Language REIL and its Applications
Sebastian Porst
Token Kidnapping's Revenge
Cesar Cerrudo
Toward the HLR, attacking the SS7 & SIGTRAN applications one step further and mapping the phone system
Philippe Langlois
w3af. A framework to own the web
Andres Riancho

Palestras H2HC Fifth Edition - 2008

PCI Rootkits
Bruno Cardoso Lopes / João Batista Correa
Hypervisor Framework
Edgar Barbosa
Analise de Seguranca do Protocolo Wireless USB
Felipe Zimmerle
evilgrade, "You have pending upgrades..."
Francisco Amato
Raising GPRS Security Awareness by Observing Real World Security Events
Guto Motta
Practical (Introduction to) Reverse Engineering
Julio Auto
Apology of 0days
Nicolas Waisman
Defeating DEP, the Immunity Debugger way
Pablo Sole
Hack into Samba
Rodrigo Costa
Onde estão as ferramentas de segurança do Brasil?
Ronaldo Vasconcelos
Secure the Planet! New Strategic Initiatives from Microsoft to Rock Your World
Steve Adegbite
Extreme Web Hacking
Wagner Elias
Playing with Web Application Firewalls
Wendel G. Henrique / Sandro Gauci

Palestras H2HC Fourth Edition - 2007

Call for papers The Bug Magazine
The Bug Magazine Staff
Capture the flag - Results
Intruders Tiger Team
Hacking well-protected databases
Alexander Kornbrust
Detecting Blue Pill
Edgar Barbosa
The Computer Forensics Challenge and Anti-forensics Techniques
Domingo Montanaro
Hacking iPod Touch/iPhone
Marcos Azevedo
Malwares x AntiVirus
Wendel Guglielmetti Henrique
Next-Generation Debuggers for Reverse Engineering
Julio Auto - Member of ERESI Team
DNS Amplification Attack
Bruno Goncalves de Oliveira
PE Binary Infection
Maycon Maia Vitali
Hack into apache
Rodrigo Carvalho Costa
REST Insecurity
Wagner Elias
Hacking the big brother
Joao Batista Moreira & Julio Cesar Fort
KIDS - Kernel Intrusion Detection System
Rodrigo Rubira Branco (BSDaemon)

Palestras H2HC Third Edition - 2006

Syscall Proxying || Pivoting
Rodrigo Rubira Branco (BSDaemon) / Filipe Balestra
Process Infection
Carlos Barros

Windows Driver Development Kit (Driver exploitation)
Rodrigo Carvalho Costa (Nibble)

Lock picking
Eduardo Madeira Fleury / Artur Duque de Souza
Introducao a Engenharia Reversa
Maycon Maia Vitali
VOIP Insecurity
Luiz Eduardo
Polutin sys_execve
Federico Kirschbaum
Old School Hacking
Julio Cesar Fort
Inseguranca em Web 2.0 e Pen-test em Aplicações Web
Wagner Elias e Thiago Zaninotti - N-Stalker
Hostile Wireless Ambients
Luiz Eduardo
Rootkits kernel 2.6
Julio Auto
Bricando com IPS: Uma maneira mais simples de contorná-los
Shellcode Evolution
Itzik Kotler

Palestras H2HC Second Edition - 2005

Fun With Assembly
Everson da Silva Tavares (IP_FIX)
Backdoors x Firewalls de Aplicação: Praticando em Kernel Linux
Rodrigo Rubira Branco (BSDaemon)
Discovering Vulnerabilities
Rodrigo Carvalho Costa (Nibble)
Breaking PaX ASLR in the Wild
Tiago Assumpção
Domingo Montanaro
Dog_Crawler x PHP_GUARD do Saumil Shah
Bruno Luiz Cordeiro Ramos
Linux Kernel Exploiting
Glaudson Ocampos (Nash Leon)
Wendel Guglielmetti Henrique (dum_dum)
Vulnerabilidades em aplicações bluetooth
Nelson Murilo
Windows DLL instrumentation + feedback fuzzing + code breaking
Joachim de Zutter (Byte Rage)
Fernanda Serpa
Sem material Sem material

Palestras H2HC First Edition - 2004

Ataques em redes Wi-Fi
Nelson Murilo de Oliveira Rufino
Detecção e ataques a HoneyPots
Felix Alvez Coutinho Júnior (Skynet45)
OSSTMM - Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual
Eduardo Jorge Feres Serrano Neves
Cryptography and Clusters
Rodrigo Carvalho Costa (Nibble)
Assinaturas de Ataques: Como Livrar-se Delas
Rodrigo Rubira Branco (BSDaemon)