Day 1

H2HC   H2HC University
8:20 Credenciamento e entrega dos crachas
8:50 Abertura - Filipe Balestra & Rodrigo Branco
9:10 Keynote by Evandro Hora   Introspeccao de Maquinas Virtuais em Arm
10:10 Data-only Attacks Against UEFI BIOS   Aprendizado de Maquina em Seguranca
11:10 A researcher's take on Spectre exploits   Engenharia Reversa num jogo de Gameboy Advance
12:10 Lunch / Almoço   Brocando EDR na vida real, um estudo de caso
14:10 Breaking Firmware Trust from Pre-EFI   Dont Blink! A deep dive into Cyclops Blink
15:10 State of the Art in IPV6 Attack & Defense   Browser Exploitation and JIT Compilers
16:10 Break / Intervalo
16:40 An Insight into Railway Security   Github Actions - Vulnerablities, Attacks and Counter-measures

Day 2

H2HC   H2HC University
10:00 Keynote by Alex Ionescu
11:00 Retbleed - Arbitrary Speculative Code Execution with Return Instructions   The ADCS domain administrator is right there
12:00 Lunch / Almoço
14:00 Cinema Time!   Desenvolvimento de um servico de email privativo
15:00 To branch or not to branch - security implications of x86 frontend implementations   Techniques for publishing statistical information without violating individual's privacy according to the LGPD and GPDR
16:00 Break / Intervalo
16:30 The Joy of Exploiting the Kernel in 2022   From PIX to Reverse Shell
17:30 Exploitation tactics discovery using data analytics   Eleicoes Transparentes
18:30 Encerramento